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Chic Prose Prints Shop offers creative and cost-effective printable planners and cash envelopes to save you time and make journaling fun. Browse the categories section to find the different planner sizes.

Buy a printable planner you think is absolutely beautiful. Something you love looking at and want to pick up, even if it means you have to splurge a little bit. I make your journaling easy, fun, and creative! Save time and shop now!

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Hi, I'm Nikkah and I'm the creative force behind Chic Prose Prints. I love to design and create functional items that are guaranteed to make your life as organized as possible. You can also visit the following websites to know more about me:


Personal Finance:

Like most millennial, I dab on blogging, starting side-hustles, freelancing, and slaying the mommy life. Read my blog to learn more about blogging and my personal finance journey.