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Awesome Advantages of Undated Planners

To say that I love undated planners is an understatement. Undated planners give you more freedom and flexibility than their dated counterparts.

I’ve had my fair share of using planners with months and dates printed in permanent ink. As someone who is always on-the-go, I sometimes forget to keep track of my days and weeks. By the time I got to my dated planner to plot out my day or week, I had already wasted a lot of pages.  Have you also found yourself in a similar situation when using dated planners?

An undated planner welcomes you into the planning world without splurging money on buying planners every new year and wasting paper, which is bad for the environment. It’s absolute planning freedom when it comes to making your life well-planned and organized.

Here are some awesome advantages of undated planners:

1. Start and Stop Anytime

Why wait until a new year to start your planning and organizing journey? With undated planners, you can start using them mid-way through the year. You can basically use it at any time of the year. There is no set date and no need to wait for anything. Undated planners give you spaces to write in the month and dates on each page. You can choose to plan for a week and skip the next one. Use it whenever you need it!

An undated weekly insert helps me plan out my week if I know in advance that the upcoming week will be very busy for me. I consider my undated daily planner pages as my crutch whenever my day will be bombarded with tasks either from work or from my side hustles. And I have the freedom to use these pages anytime my life turns hectic.

2. Zero Page Waste

Due to the freedom and flexibility of undated planners, you avoid wasting unused pages. You get to use them whenever you want until all the pages are filled. This means they are also eco-friendly!

Sure, one can easily say “If you want to save the planet, use digital planners!”. However, no matter how practical these digital devices are, many of us still prefer using physical paper planners to manage our time, appointments, deadlines, bills, and basically everything to keep our busy lives in order. Personally, I feel more focused and accountable when I use physical planners.

Moreover, research shows that writing things down on paper helps us retain information a whole lot better. Having to read and write on those digital screens also has negative impacts on our health.

While going paperless is an ideal choice, it’s not often a realistic choice for some people. Nevertheless, there are still ways we can help save the environment while planning on paper, and one of those is to use undated planners.

3. Undated Planners are Cost-Effective

Planners without permanent dates printed on them are more cost-effective due to the fact that you can use them as long as there are available pages to write on. With dated planners that have months and dates already written in them, you need to buy a new one every new year just to keep up with the dates. Undated planners free you up from these limitations and can help you save money at the same time by allowing you to fill up the pages first before buying or printing new ones no matter where you are in the year.

4. Ability to Make it your Own

The great thing about undated planners with neutral colors is that you can have the ability to make them your own. They give you the freedom to match them with your personality. You can use stickers, stamps, or fancy colored pens and highlighters to spruce up the look of your pages. While most of our planners already have designs or colors in them, we also offer bundles that have neutral shades like black and white.

5. Focus on Different Areas of Your Life

As a mom and career woman, a planner has a significant contribution to me in better structuring and balancing my daily life. Dated planners give you limited options to do that.

With an undated planner, I can keep my work and home to-do’s and appointments separate. I can set up 2 separate daily inserts: one for my work and the other for the home in one planner. In that way, I can clearly see and focus my priorities in different areas of my life. The front side of the daily planner insert can be for your work, and the backside can be for your home and family life. This advantage is greatly highlighted when you buy a printable undated planner because you can print as many pages as you like to suit your needs!

Maybe you missed the New Year’s resolution bandwagon of finally organizing your life or you’ve finally decided to effectively manage your life in the middle of the year, an undated planner is all you need to jump start your good habits. You don’t have to buy a planner that begins in January to start. Get an undated planner that you can make it your own and pick up whenever you need it. No pressure, more freedom!


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